SupraQuik Portable Canister Vacuum -Demo Model

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This is a Floor/Demo Model.  The SupraQuik handheld canister vacuum has a large selection of tools, including dual 18.5-inch wands, long hose, and floor tool. This unit is good for virtually any use. From the car to ceilings and overhead chandeliers, to stairs and floors, the SupraQuik can handle it all. With an odor-absorbing charcoal filter and twin-ply electrostatic bag, it keeps odors out of your home.

The floor tool has a swivel neck and a switch to easily transition from carpet to bare floors and back. The SupraQuik also allows you to use the exhaust port as a blower or inflation device.


  • 55-inch crush-proof hose
  • Two 18.5-inch wands
  • 5-inch crevice tool; nylon bristle dusting brush; crimped nylon upholstery brush
  • 90-degree angle adapter
  • 10.5-inch floor tool with side and edge cleaning, metal base plate, nylon bristles, and a rug/bare floor toggle
  • Cloth “shake-out” bag that’s reusable
  • Storage bag for keeping all your tools organized
  • Cord wrap integrated on vacuum body
  • Microtool set – includes flexible hose, adapter and mini tools